social media strategist vs social media enthusiast
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Who is Peter Kucerka?

If you are looking for information on Peter Kucerka, you have come to the right place!

Who is Peter Kucerka?: ja by peterjancarik 02

Peter Kucerka behind the camera

Even though Peter Kucerka is NOT affiliated with this website, I’ve written this article so you can find out more about him and even connect with him if you like.

Among his many passions, Peter Kucerka is a photographer, social media enthusiast, internet webmaster, and TED organizer.

Peter Kucerca as awesome photographer

Peter is an avid photographer. In fact, in practically every picture you will find of him on his social profiles, you will see him posing happily with camera, or more likely, you will see him behind the camera concentrating intently on capturing the next shot just right.

As a photographer, you can tell Peter feels a deep connection and sympathy for his subjects. We are fortunate enough to witness his talent, as he can take a single moment of an everyday life, whether it is the boredom of waiting for the train, the joy of riding a bicycle, or the concentration of crossing the road, and in one photograph not only capture the emotional essence of the moment, but also imbue his subjects with dignity and specialness. To see for yourself, follow Peter’s Flickr stream.


Peter Kuckerka as social media and Internet enthusiast

Peter himself admits to being a social media geek, and in fact can easily be found participating across all the major social networks. In addition, he actively maintains Jeryho Cancak, his own blog dedicated to “Marketing, Reviews, Social Media, and the Internet”.


Peter Kucerka as pursuer of Ideas Worth Spreading

Peter’s idealism and passion for the internet have recently led him in new and exciting directions. Most recently, Peter was part of the organizing committee for TEDx Bratislava. If you don’t know what “TED” is,you owe to yourself to find out more about this wonderful event series. TED is a nonprofit organization devoted, as they say in their own words, to Ideas Worth Spreading — don’t you love it? TED carries its amazingly concise moniker because it started out as a conference bringing together people from the worlds of Technology, Entertainment, and Design, even though these days it encompasses much more.

The “main” TED hosts global conferences twice a year, where the most interesting and the smartest people come together to share their ideas and thoughts, and all subjects are open for discussion. In addition there are many “TEDx” events organized by local communities and taking place in cities all around the world.

Really, if you don’t know what TED is, you’re in for a treat. Just go search on YouTube, and you will find hours and hours of fascinating education and enlightenment.


How to contact Peter Kucerka

I hope this page has been helpful in coming to know the wonderful talents of Peter Kucerka. For more information, you may want to contact him via his photography blog.


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social media strategist vs social media enthusiast